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About Dr. Alister Harley
(B. Health Sc. (Chiro) / M. Clin. Chiropractic / Cross Fit Coach)

Holistic Chiropractic Treatments for Families & Athletes in South Caulfield!

Dr Alister is an experienced Chiropractor, having spent 3 years working in a Paediatric Chiropractic practice in Hawthorn East, he now practices solely at The Chiro Tree in South Caulfield. Having played a lot of sport throughout his teen years and with a strong background in functional training, the necessity of movement therapy and exercise has become a major component of his clinical practice, as he works to not only treat pain but to find the underlying cause of dysfunction.

Who Does Dr Alister Harley Care For?

Dr Alister provides care for families, kids, athletes and the elderly. He has a strong practice interest in treating acute and chronic pain, injury prevention, sports chiropractic care and performance optimisation.

He has a strong practice interest in:

  • Injury and chronic pain recovery
  • Injury prevention and Prehabilitation
  • Technique and movement efficiency
  • Optimising performance

Most of his clients are based in South Caulfield and surrounding suburbs where she has a strong network of local healthcare providers in other disciplines from whom he liaises and works with to reach clients health goals more effectively.




Families and Children

Our practitioners have a passion for helping children experience greater health, freedom from pain, and optimal development and cares for many⁠ families in South Caulfield and the surrounding suburbs.

Athletes and Sports Participants

As keen fitness fanatics and sporting players themselves, our practitioners are fully aware of the importance of keeping all your systems at optimal performance levels and doing everything possible to encourage speedy recovery.

More about Dr Alister?

Dr Alister has progressed his knowledge further by completing a number of post university courses including a Diplomate of Chiropractic Neuro-developmental Paediatrics and Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR) seminars.

He is also a Level 2 CrossFit Coach, at CrossFit Richmond, and understands how to train and perform to achieve your goals. Alister encourages his clients to take an active part in their own care where possible and is passionate in guiding them to reach their own health goals as he believes health to be a byproduct of good habits.


"Health is a byproduct of good habits. How your body works is very complex, but what it needs to work well is simple."