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When should I see a Dietitian?

Dietitians are your translators of all things nutrition science, diet and how it is affecting on your body. If you are asking yourself the following questions a Dietitian can help guide and make you feel confident in your ability to nourish your mind and body

  • Unsure if you are eating correctly? Unsure if that discomfort after eating is normal? Always tired or lethargic?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with food? Avoiding or restricting?
  • Not getting the most out of your exercise?
  • Wanting to gain or lose weight?
  • Allergies? Chronic condition? Post/Pre-surgery care?

Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Both an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist have university qualifications. The main difference is the length of study they have completed. A nutritionist has completed a 3-year health science degree that focuses on population health, nutritional science and health promotion. A dietitian has completed the 3-year nutrition course plus an additional year of medical nutrition therapy, counselling and research. Dietitians are recognized under AHPRA as an Allied Health Practitioner and therefore are allowed to work privately and provide health rebates.

Misconceptions of a Dietitian?

We are not the food police and we do not judge your food choices. In fact, we focus more time trying to add food to diets than we do trying to restrict them. Dietitians are advocates for enjoyment of food and empowering you to make your own sustainable food choices. They are here to support and guide you through any chronic condition, emotional hardship or simply to help re-navigate you back on the right track.

How long are the appointments?

  • Initial consultations: 45mins – 1hr
  • Follow up consultations: 30mins – 45mins

What should I expect in my Initial Appointment?

During your initial consultation you will have a thorough assessment of your current/past health history including your lifestyle, diet and health goals. The majority of the consultation will be focused on analysing your current diet, identifying behaviours, patterns and habits and how this is affecting you. We also will take the time to offer dietary education and advice in accordance to your health goals.

Do i need a referral?

No, as primary health care providers, you do not need a referral to see a dietitian. In some cases, a doctor may advise you to see a dietitian, due to a medical condition or as a preventative treatment plan. In this case a Medicare referral can be organised (by the GP) to help financially support your treatment costs. If you have a Medicare referral then you’ll need to bring this paperwork with you to your appointment.

Will my appointments be bulk billed?

Bulk billing is only offered to clients with a current GPMP / TCA care plan which will be provided to you by your doctor.

You might be eligible for private health insurance rebates if you have extras/Dietetic services as part of your cover. 

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