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We have just one soul - treasure it" 

About Lynn Borundia
(Diploma Soul Life Psychology, Level 2 Reiki Certification, Certificate in Hypnotherapy)

Lynn is an Energy Healer / Lightworker whose life purpose is to use her inner gifts to help support the healing of others. She has worked in the health (aged care) sector for over 25 years and knows, through personal experience, the emotional and physical impact a corporate role can have on ones health.

Through Lynn’s studies in metaphysical healing and her own spiritual growth, she believes that physical ailments can stem from an emotional imbalance. Since the mind and body are so intricately connected, by accessing the subconscious mind (what Lynn calls the ‘Soul) she can help clients tap into their present life, and past life, memories to help begin shifting perspectives and changing patterns that have been created in life.

Lynn uses a variety of Modalities to help create positive change, self-awareness and personal growth. These modalities include Past and Current Life Regression, Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Guidance, Automatic Writing, Channelling, Hypnotherapy, Numerology / Life Purpose Birth Chart and Readings. She is also currently completing Kinesiology Practitioner Certification and is looking forward to expanding her healing gifts to help others as she continues her quest for spiritual knowledge.

Who Does Lynn Borundia Care For?

Lynn works with anyone who is willing and open to the idea of holistic healing -

  • Past life trauma that is having an impact in this lifetime
  • Phobias and fears
  • Eliminating confusion, boosting confidence, clearing physical symptoms
  • Clearing emotional blockages / stressors
  • Clearing blocked Chakras and Meridians / Nadis (energy/life force)
  • Anxiety, preparing for exams, interviews
  • Bad eating, drinking or smoking habits

For bookings and more information, you can contact Lynn on 0412 516 218 or through, or drop her an email on

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