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“We have all we need to heal ourselves, within ourselves"

About Michael Hearn
(Cert Hypnotherapy. Cert Timeline Regression Therapy)

Holistic Hypnotherapy and Timeline Regression Therapy care for Families in South Caulfield!

Michael is a certified and registered Hypnotherapist and Timeline Regression Therapist.

Working for many years as a Counsellor in the Youth sector and Drug & Alcohol sector, Michael is well trained and practiced in many forms of psychotherapies. He uses multiple modalities within his practice to support holding space for his clients whilst he guides them  into their subconscious (higher self) during sessions.

Out of all the therapies he has practiced throughout his counselling career, he has found that a clients ability to connect with their inner self through an altered state of consciousness is the most true and direct path to the source of an issue. This is why Michael decided to pursue the path of becoming a registered and certified Hypnotherapist and Timeline Regression Therapist.


Who Does Michael Hearn Care For?

Michael has a great deal of experience working with clients for a range of reasons.

Some of those issues are:

  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Relationships
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Personal spiritual connection

Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to really help?
Many clients have tried other therapies (even hypnotherapy) to overcome their issues with various forms of effectiveness. The way Michael integrates his hypnotherapy style can complement, and even help integrate, the learning and healing from other therapies.

You can book a session with Michael directly via this link.

For more information or to contact Michael directly you can do so via his website here: https://www.hearnhypnosis.com/