What is Naturopathy?

These days modern naturopathic medicine is closely aligned with functional medicine where practitioners are trained in general and functional pathology and refer to the latest evidence-based research on herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle. Consultations typically involve detailed questioning to help determine patterns of ill health and to get to the underlying causes. Naturopaths treat the cause, not just the presenting symptoms.

What qualifications do your practitioners have?

Our Naturopath has the following acccreditations:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Member of Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)
  • Certificate in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Land Information) – Honours (RMIT)

Why should I see a Naturopath?

The key differences you’ll notice under naturopathic care include:

  • A holistic treatment plan that addresses you as a person, not just a condition
  • A focus on preventative medicine to ensure a disease does not reoccur & to protect against the development of disease
  • Education on why certain changes to diet and/or lifestyle are important for optimal health long term
  • To gain clarification about conflicting or confusing health information – there is a vast amount of information out there on the internet, so it makes sense to get clear advice from a qualified professional whose job it is to stay up with the latest in natural health research.
  • With a longer appointment structure we have more time to listen and work with you on your particular health concerns

Will I have to take a lot of supplements?

Preferably not. We prefer to keep supplements as minimal as possible and try instead to bring about positive changes through diet and lifestyle. However, we do find supplements are often needed in the short term to bring symptomatic relief or improve nutrient status, however the long term goal is to use food as medicine as much as possible.

What should I bring to my Appointment?

  • Any relevant pathology test results
  • Any current medications and supplements

What should clients expect when they visit our clinic?

Prior to your appointment you will receive a booking confirmation email with a link to a health appraisal questionnaire. The purpose of this is to gather some general health information and a bit about your medical history prior to your appointment so that we have more time to focus on your main health concerns during the consultation.

  • Initial Consultation: is used to gather as much information as possible about your main health concern plus any other relevant health factors. Your naturopath will ask many questions, perhaps seemingly unrelated to your main health issue, but this is because we view all body systems as interconnected, and that one body system or organ out of balance will throw other body systems out of balance. Basically we’re looking for patterns of imbalance in the body to determine the underlying causes – a bit like health detectives. After your initial consultation you will receive a prescription with a few dietary and lifestyle tips to get you started, plus you may be prescribed a supplement to help relieve symptoms.
  • Review of Findings Consultation is usually one week after the initial consultation and is where that is where you will receive your Treatment Plan that has been customised to suit your particular health requirements. Your treatment plan will outline your health goals, underlying health issues, referrals for further testing if required and a plan for achieving your health goals.
  • Follow up: Depending on the complexity of the underlying health issues, further follow up consultations are usually 2 weeks apart to begin with, then, as your health improves they can move to 4-6 weeks apart.
  • Acute Consultations: are also available for minor health complaints such as: coughs, colds, sore throats, immune support (adults and children), gastro, hayfever, sleep support, mild stress relief (eg exam support).

Is a referral required?

You do not require a referral to make an appointment.

Do you bulk bill?

No, we do not have this option at our clinic. All payments are required on the day of the adjustment. We accept cash, eftpos and all major credit cards (except AMEX).

Can I receive rebates for treatment?

Not currently.


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